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In PCB Designing course students are encouraged to design the layout of an electronic circuit, with various active and passive components.


a. Students learn about Designing, Simulation processes such as Routing, GERBER File Generations and Components Soldering.

b. Provide the exposure on different kinds of PCB Designing and their practical requirements in Industry.

c. Exposed to testing of Fabricated PCBs and Detecting faults on Solder joints which could be quite helpful for the students while they are trying to get in Electronics PCB Layout and testing Industries.

Course Content:

PCB Layouts for electronic circuits using Micro controller, IC, Transistors, Diodes, Active and Passive components, Switches and connectors.

Schematic Designing

Design Checking

Placing and Routing of components

Higher Level Details on Interference, Heat dissipation on PCBs Manual Layout using Inch Graph and Software Layout

Generation of Net List, Part List, Pin List Soldering and technical preventive measures Testing of Fabricated PCB

Working on 3 Real time projects through PCB

1.) Designing of PCB Board using Manual Layout for Water Level Controller Project 2.) Designing of PCB Board using Software Layout for Water Level Controller Project

3.) Construction of a Robotic MotherBoard through Placing, Routing, Layout, Soldering.

Updated Date : 30-12-2021
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